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Mike has been viewing life through a lens for more than 40 years. The “creative itch” started early growing up among the jungles and beaches of Bougainville Island in PNG where he would sneak off with his dad's Canon Super 8MM.

A graduate of the UCSQ’s (University College of Southern Queensland) Film & TV department, he started capturing images professionally in 1991, working for various Broadcast TV Networks’ production departments, filming commercials and shows for national, state and regional broadcast.

With a 2 year stint in London working with diverse range of clients (BBC, Channel 5, ITV, Czech TV, ZDF, WTN, APTN, Disney and Star TV Athens) and projects all over Europe he focused on documentaries, creating beautiful moving images and telling compelling stories.

With over 25 years experience & now based in Sydney Australia, he is renowned for innovative, creative and collaborative cinematography to help make captivating narratives. His eye for composition and lighting, enthusiasm, attention to detail and technical skill have earned him a long list of devoted clients both here in Australia and abroad. Working with agencies, productions companies, producers and directors he has established himself as a "first choice" DP for TVC’s, Branded Content, Corporate and Online Videos, Documentaries and Short Films.





Canon EOS C300 EF

BlackMagic Design 4K Production Camera EF

Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K (BMPCC 4K) with Metabones MFT to EF lens adaptor

DJI Osmo / Zenmuse X5pro MFT with wireless Follow Focus kit & 15mm f1.7 lens (4K/60Mbps/422)

Other formats available on request


HDD/Solid State Recording:

AJA Ki Pro Mini (Apple Prores 422/DNxHD)

Lenses: EF mount

Canon CN-E Prime Kit (14mm, 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, 135mm)

Canon CN-E 30-105mm T2.8 Compact Telephoto Cinema Zoom

Canon CN-E 18-80mm T4.4 Compact servo zoom

Zeiss ZE Prime Kit (18mm, 28mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, 100mm Macro)

24 - 70mm Canon L series zoom

70 - 200mm Canon L series zoom

11 - 16mm Tokina Pro DX wide-angle zoom

18 - 35mm f1.8 Sigma Art series zoom

Lens Baby 35mm & 85mm Kit (Tilt Shift)


Sony PVM 1741 17" OLED HD

Marshal 7" LCD HD

Small HD 6" LCD HD

Dell Ultrasharp 25” HD LCD

Decimator Quad 4S HD video splitter

Paralinx Arrow+ HD wireless video link system (inc. Crossbow SDI-HDMI adaptor)

Camera Support:

Miller Arrow / 2 stage CF tripod system (mid spreader)

Miller Compass 25 / 3 stage CF Solo tripod system

Manfrotto Hi-Hat

Zhiyun-Tech CRANE 3 LAB - Handheld Gimbal stabiliser with built in wireless TX (up to 4.5kgs)

Wally Dolly 10’

Kessler cine slider 3’ with Hercules 2.0 head

EasyRig Cinema 3 400N (stabilising camera support for 8-10kg cameras)

Cine Saddle large

Lighting LED:

2 x Litepanels Astra BiColor 1x1 (575W HMI / 2K Tungsten)
2 x Litepanels Astra EP BiColor 1x1 (300W HMI / 1K Tungsten)
1 x Fiilex 360 Bicolour (400W)
2 x BrightCast 1x1 (1 x Bicolour, 1 x Bifocus daylight)
3 x Comer 12” x 6” daylight (500W)
1 x Litepanels Sola ENG (100W HMI)
1 x Ianiro Aladino “top light” (50W)

Lighting Flouro:

2 x LightPro 6 banks (55K/32K)
1 x LightPro 12 Bank (55K/32K)

Lighting Tungsten:

1 x ArriLite (2000W)
2 x FilmGear Fresnels (650W)
4 x Dedo DLH4 (150W)
2 x Lowell Tota (800W)

Lighting Support:

Chroma Key Digital Background (with stands) - 6’ x 6’ & 10’ x 10’
4x4 / 6’ x 6’ Scrim Jim (Silk, China, ND)
Adjustable 4’ x 4’ - 8’ x 4’ Scrim Frame (Silk, China)
C-Stands, Combo Stands, Crossover arm Stand, Air-Cushioned Stands, Arms, Poly, Reflectors etc.


0417 075 937

Sydney, Australia

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